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Home and Back Again


Stephen Fry!

To update from last post, I LOVED Twelfe Night. It was hysterical. We even had a bit of unexpected drama during the show: one of the audience members in the on stage seating fell ill and needed to be taken to the hospital mid-performance. The cast handled it really well, and the interruption didn’t affect the performance at all. It was a really enjoyable show, and we had fun doing the stage door afterwards. Stephen Fry was in a hurry after the show, so I didn’t get to talk to him and tell him how much I love his work, but we did get a picture and an autograph! We met most of the cast, including Mark Rylance who was an absolute doll. He seems like such a sweet, quiet man. It’s amazing that dastardly Richard and the funny Olivia can come from such a soft spoken man!


The Goodhart Family and Santa at the Christmas Ranch

The holidays were lovely. I really can’t imagine how they could have been better. My flight back to Ohio went smoothly (no sick passengers behind me this time!). Mom and I had a girl’s day on Saturday, and the boys and I went to the Festival of Lights that night to see Santa (Mom insists we get a picture every year: he who believes receives, after all). It was perfect weather, and the zoo was gorgeous as usual. Sunday we saw the Playhouse in the Park Production of A Christmas Carol. I love their production; the set is simply amazing. Marley’s appearance scares me every time! Monday we ventured out to the Christmas Ranch. I don’t know the whole story, but it’s a huge ranch that totally decks out its halls for Christmas. Lights EVERYWHERE. And of course more kitschy Christmas shops than you know what to do with. It was very fun, if very cold, and definitely festive. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were lovely: full of family and gifts and good food. I think everyone was happy with their gifts; I got some new nail polishing tools I’m excited to try, as well as some lovely new outfits. My brother got the bulldog he’s been asking for (albeit, it’s a stuffed one and not the puppy he really wants). The day after Christmas is my aunt’s birthday and we went to a fancy steakhouse to celebrate, which was nice. Friday we finished up the week with dinner at LaRosa’s. I think I got all my Cincinnati cravings taken care of until next time I can go home. All in all, it was a really nice week. Going home these days is weird. I’m never there long enough to get sick of it and I’m on vacation, so when I return to New York and responsibilities and work, it’s hard not to be nostalgic about Ohio, as I’m sure you’ve seen from previous posts. Of course I know that if I lived in Ohio I’d have many of the same concerns I have here. I’d probably fight more with my family, I’d be bored and weird and drive a car. But after a week of being taken care of and not worrying, it always takes a day or two to adjust from Ohio Chloe back to New York Chloe, whoever she may be. Luckily with New Years Eve coming up, I should be back to NYC party mode in no time. I had several people over the week at home tell me they enjoy reading my stuff. I can’t imagine why; I feel like these lists of things that I did are rather boring! But, it is nice to get everything out on paper (I guess this counts as paper?), so I’m going to try to write more in the new year. I’m not going to go so far as to say it is my New Year’s Resolution; blogging has to come after all the other crazy things I’ve got planned for 2014. But, I shall try to make more of an effort to blog, hopefully I’ll start later this weeks with tales of our New Year’s Eve escapades.

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“If not to heaven, then hand in hand to hell”: Truly Old School Theater

In college, we had to see a Shakespeare play and compare its take to the text. There was a glam rock production of Richard III in town that featured David Bowie and puppets. It was strange to say the least; after intermission, Richard entered the stage as king dressed in full Iggy Pop gear. It was the only time I’d seen a production of the play until last night. It was an interesting take, comparing Richard’s use of a persona to that of a rock star.

Mark Ryance’s production of Richard III may not have David Bowie, but it has to be one of the coolest theater production I’ve ever seen. In case you don’t know, this production is as authentically Elizabethan as possible- men play women, candles adorn the set, the actors dress on stage before the performance, there are no mics, and an Elizabethan style music troupe performs atop the set. It was a fun experience to watch the actors dress, and it was interesting to see it done as it might have been done back in the day (you know, WAY back in the day). And I won’t even mention the curtain call…the curtain call was perhaps my favorite part of the whole approach, and I don’t want to spoil it!


While I love the detail that went into this production, I think the authenticity was the least interesting of Rylance’s choices in the production–which is saying something! His Richard was not the dastardly mastermind but a mad and perhaps accidental genius. He would cackle mid-soliloquy, prance about like a fool, and molest poor Anne’s fingers in a rather horrific fashion. While I always read the play as a terrible man (but slightly sympathetic, he has, after all had a tough lot in life) who goes insane as the weight of his greedy deeds mounts, Rylance’s portrayal shows a man who is already slightly insane who goes off the deep end entirely once he gains power. Many of the scenes that are often chilling were actually funny in Rylance’s hands. He reminded me of Albert Finney in Scrooge. (I doubt anyone will get that reference, I think my mom and I are the only people in the world who have seen and adore that film, but it’s a fantastic performance.) He was funny, and because of that, you like him, even though he’s a homicidal maniac. I’m not sure it was my favorite interpretation, I’d have to see more actual productions (read: non glam rock themed), but it was really enjoyable, and I’m even more excited to see their production of Twelfe Night next week.

With my discussion of Shakespeare aside, it’s been busy as usual. Finals week is coming up, so things have been quiet as I’m too busy studying and preparing papers and trying not to run screaming through the streets to do anything interesting. It was nice to go home for Thanksgiving and see my family. I enjoyed taking a break from the busy city to eat a lot of food and check out the country craft fairs. I’m starting to get into the Christmas spirit; once I finish finals I think I will be in full holiday cheer mode!

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