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Home and Back Again


Stephen Fry!

To update from last post, I LOVED Twelfe Night. It was hysterical. We even had a bit of unexpected drama during the show: one of the audience members in the on stage seating fell ill and needed to be taken to the hospital mid-performance. The cast handled it really well, and the interruption didn’t affect the performance at all. It was a really enjoyable show, and we had fun doing the stage door afterwards. Stephen Fry was in a hurry after the show, so I didn’t get to talk to him and tell him how much I love his work, but we did get a picture and an autograph! We met most of the cast, including Mark Rylance who was an absolute doll. He seems like such a sweet, quiet man. It’s amazing that dastardly Richard and the funny Olivia can come from such a soft spoken man!


The Goodhart Family and Santa at the Christmas Ranch

The holidays were lovely. I really can’t imagine how they could have been better. My flight back to Ohio went smoothly (no sick passengers behind me this time!). Mom and I had a girl’s day on Saturday, and the boys and I went to the Festival of Lights that night to see Santa (Mom insists we get a picture every year: he who believes receives, after all). It was perfect weather, and the zoo was gorgeous as usual. Sunday we saw the Playhouse in the Park Production of A Christmas Carol. I love their production; the set is simply amazing. Marley’s appearance scares me every time! Monday we ventured out to the Christmas Ranch. I don’t know the whole story, but it’s a huge ranch that totally decks out its halls for Christmas. Lights EVERYWHERE. And of course more kitschy Christmas shops than you know what to do with. It was very fun, if very cold, and definitely festive. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were lovely: full of family and gifts and good food. I think everyone was happy with their gifts; I got some new nail polishing tools I’m excited to try, as well as some lovely new outfits. My brother got the bulldog he’s been asking for (albeit, it’s a stuffed one and not the puppy he really wants). The day after Christmas is my aunt’s birthday and we went to a fancy steakhouse to celebrate, which was nice. Friday we finished up the week with dinner at LaRosa’s. I think I got all my Cincinnati cravings taken care of until next time I can go home. All in all, it was a really nice week. Going home these days is weird. I’m never there long enough to get sick of it and I’m on vacation, so when I return to New York and responsibilities and work, it’s hard not to be nostalgic about Ohio, as I’m sure you’ve seen from previous posts. Of course I know that if I lived in Ohio I’d have many of the same concerns I have here. I’d probably fight more with my family, I’d be bored and weird and drive a car. But after a week of being taken care of and not worrying, it always takes a day or two to adjust from Ohio Chloe back to New York Chloe, whoever she may be. Luckily with New Years Eve coming up, I should be back to NYC party mode in no time. I had several people over the week at home tell me they enjoy reading my stuff. I can’t imagine why; I feel like these lists of things that I did are rather boring! But, it is nice to get everything out on paper (I guess this counts as paper?), so I’m going to try to write more in the new year. I’m not going to go so far as to say it is my New Year’s Resolution; blogging has to come after all the other crazy things I’ve got planned for 2014. But, I shall try to make more of an effort to blog, hopefully I’ll start later this weeks with tales of our New Year’s Eve escapades.

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A Trip Home, a Trip on a Boat, and a Trip to the McKittrick.

This is John the lion.

This is John the lion.

Oh, what a weekend! Though first, I suppose I should back track a bit and talk about my week home. It was wonderful to go back, even though the flight to Cincinnati was a little traumatic (I got vomited on a little. It was awful. Could have been worse. Got free booze, though.) It was an incredibly busy week. Mom and I did a lot of shopping, since I’ve shrunk at least 3 sizes since this time last year. So I have clothes that actually fit me now, which is exciting! (Being an adult is weird…I get excited about all sorts of boring things these days.) Dad and I went to the zoo, which was awesome. I got to go to the Black “Wild Stallion Eyes” Shelton concert, which involved rum and Waffle House. Country music, Jack Daniel’s Down Home Punch, and Waffle House are a combination that is either the best thing ever or the worst. The crowd watching was almost as interesting as Union Square or the subway after midnight.

The Cincinnati Zoo has made all sorts of changes since I was little; the most exciting has to be the new Africa exhibits. I got to feed a giraffe, and I got about a foot from a lion named John (there was glass between us, and he was a shy lion). The new facilities are gorgeous, and there’s scheduled times to watch each animal work with a trainer, so that’s pretty awesome. 10 year-old pre-vet me would have lost her mind. 23 year-old publishing me pretty much did lose her mind.

I ate SO MUCH FOOD. Everything tastes better when I don’t have to make it, and it’s even better than that when Mom makes it. I don’t think it’s my cooking skills; I think it’s just a universal fact. We also went to the Dublin Irish Festival, which was a lot of fun. I got to see a few of my friends there; though I wish we’d had more time. Time always seems to be the issue when I’m home. I discovered some great new bands (Enter the Haggis is pretty good, although they are about 150x’s better live) and we got to see Gaelic Storm. It was a fun weekend and a good way to end the week.

So, back to New York. The flight back was much more uneventful. We had the company picnic on Friday, which was nice. Less like an episode of “The Office” than I’d expected (I assume all offices function like The Office until proven otherwise) and I enjoyed talking about books with my boss’s daughter. This weekend was insane. Saturday we saw Jukebox th

Stolen from Sari because my phone decided it's too hipster for pictures.

Stolen from Sari because my phone decided it’s too hipster for pictures.

e Ghost, live in concert, on a boat. Yeah, that’s right, ON A BOAT. It was pretty awesome to listen to some of my favorite music while looking at the gorgeous skyline. It was one of those nights where I remembered “I live here. This is my city.” It was sort of magical, jumping up and down, feeling the deck rock, literally and metaphorically, beneath me and everyone else as the Statue of Liberty loomed overhead. I didn’t quite feel infinite, but we came pretty close.

And then last night was my last trip to Sleep No More. I will spare you all the details, as I’m sure most of you who actually talk to me are sick to death of hearing my ravings about this show (he

y, I could be addicted to hard drugs or One Direction. At least this is an artistic addiction!). But it was another wonderful night. I got a blessing and a necklace, a shot o

f booze, and a whole new perspective of bloody rave Macbeth. It was a great way to end things before my self-imposed hiatus.

Other than, that, things are pretty quiet here in the big city (or as quiet as they ever are). I’m getting ready to start classes next month. Was getting ready to start at OSU this confusing? I don’t know how I’d do this without all my lovely friends who started last year. And next week we’re going to finally make it down to Coney Island. I’ll let you know how it is, if I don’t get attacked by a shark and/or a homeless person. Signing off!

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