New Year’s Eve

I’m not sure if it’s the city or just growing up, but it feels like time is moving too fast. Like a train going downhill, everything seems to be rushing past too fast, and the scenery is just a blur. I want to pull the brakes. Stop and take a breather, maybe find out where I am or where the train is headed. But of course that’s not how time works. It’s a train that never stops, and so we must enjoy the ride as we barrel into 2014.

After that rather melodramatic introduction: New Year’s Eve in the city. For the record, I’m pretty  sure there is no power in the ‘verse that can

Imageconvince me that NYE in Times Square is a good idea. I’d be perfectly happy to spend every New Years at the McKittrick at the King’s Winter Masquerade. After getting ready in Manhattan and grabbing dinner at our old favorite, the Taproom, we headed over to the hotel. We got there a bit early and spent an hour waiting outside. It was freezing! By the time we got in, our toes were blocks of ice! But the hotel soon solved that problem; donning our masks we stepped into the lobby, where the Heathens were rocking out. The ballroom was decked in its finest; snow covered pine trees lined the room, and shimmering blue light reflected from the chandelier in the middle of the room. There were masked people everywhere, wall to wall, and two troupes of ballerinas danced through the crowd periodically. The first hour and a half passed all too quickly; before we got our bearings it was time for the show. Dancers took the stage for a performance and we were counting down. Confetti showered from the ceiling. They don’t tell you how sticky that confetti is; I was covered in it!

The rest of the night was a blur of dancing and drinking and celebrating. All in all, a good way to welcome in the new year.

Other than that, it’s been freaking cold here. Absolutely freezing! We had quite the snow storm last Friday. I ventured out on Saturday for a movie and later I finally went to a neighborhood bar I’ve been wanting to try with Kathi and Adam. So far it’s been a good week back. Just hopefully it warms up soon so we can leave the house without fear of frostbite!

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