Visitors, Books, Theater, and Shopping: A Summary

In businessy blog news, I’ve changed the title! KnowEdits doesn’t really work anymore as A. I’m still not editing and B. this blog has nothing to do with editing. So it can be about my knowing things, or my not knowiFrying Pan 8ng things. Hopefully I will find a better title, but for now this works.

It’s official. I have survived my first year in New York. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been a lot of fun. I’ve made a ton of wonderful friends, gotten to see some fascinating new takes on theater, and gotten accepted into grad school. Busy year!

Two weeks ago, my friends Marilia, from Brazil, and Katie, from Chicago, came to town for the much-anticipated BEA. It was wonderful to see them, especially as June marked our one year anniversary. We discovered an interesting bar on the west side, which is actually an old boat on a barge. The drinks were pricey (though not too much more than average), and the views were gorgeous. We went to BEA, which was just as hectic and fun as last year. I didn’t get any business cards, but I did walk away with 25 books, 4 comics, a handful of tote bags, and a really awesome set of Rainbow Fish stickers.Frying Pan 3

That Tuesday, Marilia, Vivian, Tabitha and I went to see Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812. The musical is based on a passage from Tolstoy’s War & Peace and includes a Russian dinner. It was a blast! The dinner was quite tasty, the theater was gorgeous (especially since the “theater” is actually a huge white tent…it was easy to forget that once inside), and the play itself was electric. There wasn’t a stage; instead the actors ran around through the audience, singing their stories. The whole thing was really fun and creative. I’ve decided I really like these new interactive forms of theater. I’m getting spoiled by all these avant-garde works in the city!Brooklyn Flea 1

Sadly, Marilia and Katie went home, but the apartment was empty for long. My mom came for a visit last Friday. We had a really nice time. The city was rather wet, but we managed to keep busy. We visited our favorite pizza place in DUMBO, found some treasures at the Brooklyn flea, and introduced Mom to the wonder of soup dumpling. We also explored the depths of Brooklyn in search of a clothing store at Kings Plaza. Getting there was an adventure full of interesting bus rides, but the store was worth it. Monday was her last full day, and we tried to go to Union Square. It was so miserable even the crazy people weren’t out, though, so after lunch at the Tortaria and coffee around the corner, we headed home to pack and nap. We found a tasty spot in Little Italy for dinner.

I’m glad I’ll be going home for a week in July, I almost forgot how much I miss my family. After a year here, that’s still one of the harder parts. But,   there’s no weird theater in Ohio, and most of all no publishing. So, I’m still here, and with grad school starting in the fall, it seems things are going to keep getting busier!

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