Just leave the Internet Alone!

Just leave the Internet Alone!

This article is perfect. It’s not the internet that makes us stupid or boring or wastes our time; It’s what we do with the internet. I hear people complain all the time about how social media and texting is dumbing down my generation. But it’s not. My friends and I (usually) use social media to engage in new ways, to discuss hot button topics and share knowledge. Twitter is a perfect example. Sure, it can lend itself to abbreviations and butchering grammar. But at least in my circle of friends, it leads to being creative; finding a new way to say something so it meets the limit. I realize I (and most of my friends) are weird in that way, but we’re not alone. Stephen Fry spoke about it on Craig Ferguson.

Sure, I tweet and post stupid things, and I occasionally play Bubble Witch Saga and waste time on Tumblr. But I’m also connected to my friends almost 24/7. And when I need to disconnect, it’s not that hard to turn off my computer and leave my phone in the other room. I do it somethings. But honestly, especially when it comes to the friends and family who live across the country from me, it’s kind of nice to be connected.

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