There and Here

Another very busy week, and a possibly even busier weekend.

First, I need to say congratulations to my friends Marie and Scottie, who got married on Saturday. I can’t imagine a couple more perfect for each other, and I’m so happy for them!

It was weird, though, being unable to celebrate with them. This is the odd thing about being in New York: it’s so far from everything I’ve ever known. I had to leave behind my friends, my family, and even some of my habits. I mean, I love the subway, but I really miss being able to get in my car and drive to a huge grocery store than has everything I could want in an affordable off-brand. I miss Kroger Brand EVERYTHING. Somehow, when dreaming of starting a career in publishing, it never occurred to me that it would mean starting over completely. While literature and movies like to romanticize starting over, they forget to tell you that it’s terrifying. And a tiny bit lonely. I have made some fantastic new friends here, and I already do know people in the city. But that doesn’t stop me from missing my friends back home when I see them posting on Facebook about their adventures together, and especially when two of them start their lives together and I can’t be there to wish them well.

So there’s home…and then there’s the city. I do like hopping on a subway to get where I’m going (though I enjoy it more when it’s not 100 degrees outside). I like walking to dinner when I want to go out, and I like buying a bagel on the street in the morning when I’m running late. I like that there is something to do all the time. I like that people are unabashedly themselves. And most of all, I just like feeling a part of it, another cog in the New York machine.

Take this weekend,Image for example. This weekend was a very New York weekend. I had Photoshop and InDesign class yesterday, and I did a lot of wandering. I went to Times Square and got tickets for a play and went to the new Disney Store with a friend I haven’t seen in two years. I found the greatest fish tacos, and on the way to see Brave with my roommates, we saw a commercial being filmed, and we saw the Empire State Building lit up for Pride. And speaking of Pride, I went to the parade today, which was so much fun. There’s something about any parade that just makes you cheerful, and at this one in particular, there’s something infectious about so many people celebrating the ability to be themselves.

These are all little things, tiny adventures in the city, but they’re things I don’t do at home (I go to the movies at home, sure, but you don’t usually have an adventure on the way). I like the wandering and the seeing that you can do here.

So yeah, I have to walk nine baby blocks with my Trader Joe’s groceries, and I’m missing out on playing Black Jack at the parish festivals with my dad. But there’s an excitement in the city, it’s growing and changing all the time, and there’s a good chance that I’ll see something on my way to class tomorrow that I didn’t see any other day. The city is alive, and living here, you become part of that throb of life and growth and change. And it’s scary sometimes, but so is every adventure, and in the end, it’s so worth it.

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