Blog, meet Chloe.

English enthusiast, book lover, Buckeye (as in Ohio State), football fan, Hufflepuff, nail polish addict,hopeful eventual editorial assistant, and now blogger.

These first posts are always a bit like an awkward first date, so I suppose I should jump right into things. I graduated from Ohio State this past December, and I’m trying to break into the editorial side of publishing. I’m working at US Bank right now, though not for much longer. I was accepted into NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute, which starts June 4, so my last day at the bank is May 31. I am excited to get back to New York, I spent the summer of 2010 there interning with Dutton Children’s Books, and I’ve missed the city! I love about New York what I loved about college: there’s always life happening. I love the atmosphere that comes from such a hodge-podge of people who come from different places and backgrounds.I’ve kind of missed that since I moved back to Cincinnati (in addition to finding myself relating entirely too much to the show Suburgatory.)

As for what I’m reading at the moment, I had to tear myself away from George R.R. Martin’s Storm of Swords to write this post (I just got through the first wedding, for those of you who have read it, and I have no words for what just happened, just noises of disbelief). I have to say, I’m quite enjoying it. I really love a well-built world, and while in this case a well-built world means the action takes several hundred pages to get going, it is worth it. Almost every character is expanded on, and Martin keeps you on your toes with his changing points of view, which I like. I’m excited to finish this book, not only to find out how things end, but because I have Slaughterhouse-Five lined up next (Amazon had a sale, yay for $0.99 ebooks). Somehow I got through school without reading any Vonnegut, and I’m anxious to fix that!.

So that’s how things stand. I shall write at you some more Thursday, dear readers!

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